Learn English with the Beatles by Albert Braam

Beatles: Yesterday(open every blue item in a new window)   Eleanor Rigby

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor the beatles

1. Read the lyrics.

2. Listen to the song, while reading the lyrics again.

3. Read the lyrics aloud, alone or in pairs.

4. Speaking: Look at the lyrics. Ask and / or answer the following questions.  

                      Work alone or with a partner. Don’t write anything down.                           

5. Listen to the song again and fill in the Gaps exercise.



Questions              (Answers)

1. Did you have any troubles yesterday?

2. How is the situation now?

3. What are your feelings about yesterday?

4. How do you suddenly feel?

5. What is hanging over you?

6. Were you prepared for this situation?

7. Do you  know why she went away? Why not?

8. What did you say?

9. What do you now long for?

10.How was love yesterday?

11.What do you now need?

Gaps: Yesterday    Lyricstraining: Yesterday

Gaps: Past Tense    

Grammar:  used to        I'm not half the man I used to be.               

Listen to and Read about: Yesterday 

1. What did Paul do when he woke up with this melody in his head? 

2. What couldn't Paul believe?

3. What were the first words he used, when he had the melody? 

4. What wouldn't work on this kind of song?     

5. Who did George Martin book for the recording?

Writing: Describe what happened yesterday or another day that you remember well. 

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