Learn English with the Beatles by Albert Braam

Beatles: In my life  (open every blue item in a new window)

   Beatles: In my life  (lyrics)                           Afbeeldingsresultaat voor the beatles

1. Read the lyrics.

2. Listen to the song, while reading the lyrics again.

3. Read the lyrics aloud, alone or in pairs.

4. Speaking: Look at the lyrics. Ask and / or answer the following questions.  

                      Work alone or with a partner. Don’t write anything down.                           

5. Listen to the song again and do the Gaps exercise.

Questions                   Answers

1. What do you remember?

2. What happened to some places?

3. Was it forever?

4. Have these places gone?

5. What did all these places have?

6. With whom?

7. Are they dead?

8. Did you love them?

9. How do you compare your friends and lovers with the girl?

10.What about the memories?


12.Will you lose affection for people and things that went before?

13.Will you still think about them?

14.Who do you love more?


Writing: Tell in about 100 words about friends and places that you  remember


Grammar: Present Perfect Tense - 1    Present Perfect Tense - Negative  Some have gone and some remain.

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Find the answers to the questions in Wikipedia

1.       What did John and Paul disagree about?

2.       What did an English journalist say to John about writing songs?

3.       Where can you find the original lyrics?

4.       Why did John call this his first real major piece of work?

5.       What did Paul say about the words and the tune of this song?

6.       In what year was this song recorded?

7.       Who played the piano solo?

8.       Why doesn’t it sound like a piano?